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Yes to High Quality, well maintained grass fields

It is a common misconception that natural grass fields are subpar and cannot be played on in rain

Wrong: Properly grading with drainage and well maintained natural grass fields are playable in rain and snow.  

It is a common misconception that our athletes will get more playtime if they convert natural grass fields to synthetic turf fields

Yes: After very heavy rain sometimes play on grass is not possible until the field has drained. On the other hand play on synthetic turf fields is  often cancelled or limited during the summer due to heat. Already at 80F playtime is limited and at 91F it should  be cancelled.

It is a common misconception that synthetic turf is maintenance free.

Wrong: Synthetic turf requires regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance includes brushing every week, cleaning and disinfecting, reapplication of UV coatings in some instances, infill replacement, line painting.

Turf warranties are contingent on the performance of this regular maintenance.


It is a common misconception that synthetic turf lasts a long time

Wrong: Most synthetic fields need replacement in 8-10 years.   Normal wear and tear and exposure to sunlight result in plastic fibers fraying and splitting.

The industry’s standard warranty for synthetic turf is only eight years. 


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