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Yes to Fair process

Fair Process means a process that is transparent to all stakeholders at all times. Meeting dates and agendas are posted in a timely basis. Future steps of a Capital project are clearly articulated.

Considering alignment with the 2016 Sustainability Plan:


How does a sports complex at Deerpath Community Park align with Plan goals to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution on Deerpath?

More playing time, extended play seasons, more night games will impact surrounding neighbors and Fire and Police traffic.



Why not natural grass?


Why is synthetic turf the only playing field option under consideration?

November 8, 2021, Capital Projects workshop: will the City Council consent to funds for a 2022 design plan for the sports complex for only synthetic turf?


Where does the process stand?


Design in Year 1, Build in Year 2: this traditional capital projects path suggests there is no turning back once funds are allocated for the design.


Sub-committee reviews: when will the Environmental Sustainability Committee, the Finance Committee, and Public Works Committee review the sports complex project?


Do these committees have any voice to impact on outcome?

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