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General Information on Natural Grass and Synthetic Turf

TURI: Artificial Turf and Safer Alternatives Webinar


TURI: Athletic Playing Fields and Artificial Turf: Considerations for Municipalities and Institutions


TURI: Athletic Playing Fields Choosing Safer Options for Health and the Environment


Sports Field Management Association: Environmental Facilities Certification Program


Safe Health Playing Fields: Cost Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Turf


Sports Field Management Association: Natural Grass Field Maintenance


Safe Healthy Playing Fields: Fact Sheets


Heat Islands

National Recreation and Park Association: Synthetic Sports Fields and the Heat Island Effect


EPA: Heat Island Impacts


The Ridgewood Blog: Turf Field in a Floodplain, Not Getting Any Smarter all these Years Later


The Ridgewood Blog: Ridgewood Repairs Artificial Turf Fields After Costly Flooding


Patch: Update: Fields Closed After Flood; District’s Cleanup Costs Not Yet Known


Health and Safety

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai: Letter to Lake Forest Officials

***The current link is the letter to Sharon, please swap with LF letter


Endocrine Society and IPEN: Plastics, EDCs & Health, A Guide for Public Interest Organizations and Policy-Makers on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Plastics


Turfgrass Producer’s International: Higher Rates of Lower Extremity Injury on Synthetic Turf Compared with Natural Turf Among National Football League Athletes


PFAS (Forever Chemicals)

PFAS in Consumer Products: Kristen Mello (WRAFT) and Graham Peaslee (Notre Dame University) speak on PFAS in synthetic turf at NEWMOA on Apr 6 in MA.  @19:55


Chemical Leaching

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: An Assessment of Chemical Leaching


PEER: Filed FTC Complaint on False Artificial Turf Recycling Claims


The City of Lake Forest and Local Organization Documents

Athletic Fied Assessment


Green Mind’s Letter to The City of Lake Forest